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The Legacy Project launched at the Pakistan High Commission London to celebrate the achievements of the British Pakistanis  

In celebration of the achievements of British Pakistanis during the last 75 years in the UK, ‘The Legacy Project’ was launched at the Pakistan High Commission London on 18 July 2022. The Project is a collaborative effort by the British Pakistan Foundation (BPF) in partnership with the National Trust, World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis (WCOP), The Pakistan Society, and a host of other British Pakistani organizations. 

The Project aims to promote unity and pride in our community across the country through a grand tree plantation program which supplements the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative for tree plantation. It aims to plant 7,500 trees across the UK and set up a Legacy Fund for the welfare of the British Pakistanis.

The Speakers at the event included Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, Moazzam Ahmad Khan, Members of the Executive Committee of the Legacy Project, the National Trust, the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative, WCOP, The Pakistan Society and members of the British Pakistani community. 

Speaking at the launch event, the High Commissioner said: 

“The Legacy Project celebrates as well as recognizes the constructive contribution of British Pakistanis in the economic, social and political life of the UK over the last 75 years. This Project will prove a befitting testimony to the strength and depth of our relations and a tribute to the immense promise & potential of the dynamic British Pakistani Diaspora bridge. 

“Among the wide array of activities, I am particularly excited that the Legacy Project aspires to plant 7,500 saplings across the UK in support of Her Majesty The Queen’s Green Canopy Initiative to mitigate climate change. Let this be our common gift to the coming generations for a future that is shared, sustainable, enduring & prosperous.” 

 On this occasion, Asif Rangoonwala, Chairperson of the British Pakistan Foundation, said: 

"Initiatives like the Legacy Project are why we started an organization like the British Pakistan Foundation in the first place. It's taken us a while to get there but this is the first time we have different British Pakistani organizations working together to deliver a unified message. A message of community, collaboration, and hope. 

“We aim to plant 7,500 trees to honor the efforts of those before us and leave a brighter legacy for future generations. I encourage all British Pakistanis to join the movement and I hope this is only the start of more collaborative efforts to come." 

The launch of The Legacy Project coincides with Pakistan’s 75th Independence Anniversary, 75 years of friendship between Pakistan and the UK and Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year. 

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Published on : July 18, 2022

Last Update : July 19, 2022