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Information Division

The Information Division keeps the general public and the media informed about the developments and activities taking place at the High Commission as well as in Pakistan. It endeavours to ensure a two-way communication between the public and the High Commission by issuing press releases, statements, responding to the questions by media persons and arranging press conferences & interviews of the High Commissioner as well as the visiting dignitaries. The Information Division also facilitates the British and the UK-based international journalists by facilitating their Pakistan visas and pre-departure briefings.

Journalist Visa

Journalists employed by Radio, TV, Newspapers & News Agencies can apply for an online journalist visa if they plan to visit Pakistan for journalistic assignment. Here is the link:

Freelance Journalists, Private Film Production Companies or Advertising Companies can apply for Journalist Visa to make Documentary Film only after getting commissioning letter from the media organizations they intend to work for.

The journalist wishing to visit Pakistan needs to email a copy of the passport and a letter from the sponsoring media organization to the Information Division on: The letter from the organization should clearly mention: intended departure date; duration of stay along with cities to be visited; area of their journalistic interest/topics to be reported; scheduled meetings/interviews in Pakistan if any; contact person/host for the journalist in Pakistan, if any; and brief detail of the past visits and reports done on Pakistan.

Once this information is received, the Information Division will obtain approval from Islamabad and issue a letter to the journalist to be uploaded with the application. On submission of online application, an Application ID will be generated, which the journalist will email to the Information Division for issuance of visa within a week time. All processing timings are subject to change due to various reasons.

It may be noted that currently the journalists can visit only Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi for general news gathering.

In case a journalist wants to film a documentary or visit other than above-mentioned three cities, the process would take around 08 weeks.

All Journalist Visa holders are required to inform Director General External Publicity Wing Islamabad at the following phone number soon after reaching Pakistan:


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