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Pakistan Defence Day

Defence Day Commemorated at the Pakistan High Commission, London

High Commissioner pays tribute to the martyrs of Pakistan

The High Commission for Pakistan in London held a solemn ceremony on 06 September 2023 to commemorate the 58th anniversary of Pakistan Defence Day. The event was attended by distinguished guests, including Dr. Victoria Tuke from the UK's Ministry of Defence, Lords, MPs, Defence Attaches from friendly countries, and members of the community.

In his address, High Commissioner Dr. Mohammad Faisal highlighted the significance of the day, which is dedicated to honouring the courageous individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of Pakistan. He reflected on the historic events of September 6, 1965, when Pakistan's Armed Forces, supported by resolute citizens, successfully repelled an invasion by a significantly larger adversary.

Dr. Faisal underscored the crucial role played by Pakistan's armed forces in shaping the nation's security landscape. He highlighted their ongoing efforts to combat terrorism through legislative and financial network disruption, exemplified by the National Action Plan. The High Commissioner stressed the importance of global cooperation in addressing the root causes of terrorism. In this regard, he appreciated the enduring partnership between the UK and Pakistan in the realm of defence & security.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Victoria Tuke highlighted the significance of ongoing UK-Pakistan cooperation in defence and security matters. She underscored the shared commitment between the two nations to bolster regional and global security, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in tackling common challenges and promoting peace.

Defence & Naval Adviser, Commodore Muhammad Zeeshan Nabi, and Army & Air Attache Colonel Taimur Rahat also spoke on the occasion, reiterating the enduring importance of Pakistan Defence Day.

Pakistan High Commissioner, London pays tribute to nation’s martyrs (APP)

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Defence Day Commemorated at PHC London (WE NEWS)

Defence Day celebrations at UK High Commission London (Pakistan Observer),Attach%C3%A9%20CdreZeeshanNabi%20welcomed%20the%20guests

Tribute paid to Sept 6 martyrs at PHC London

Defense Day Celebration in Pakistan High Commission | Geo News

Pakistan Defence Day

High Commissioner attends Pakistan Defence Day celebration at Birmingham; lauds constructive role of Pakistani diaspora


High Commissioner Dr. Mohammad Faisal participated in the Pakistan Defence Day celebration held in Birmingham on September 9, 2023. The event was organized by the British Pakistan Initiative and drew a large gathering of British Pakistanis.

During his address at the commemorative ceremony, the High Commissioner emphasized the profound significance of the day, dedicated to honouring the heroic individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of Pakistan. He paid tribute to the historic events of September 6, 1965, when Pakistan's Armed Forces, supported by resolute citizens, successfully thwarted an invasion by a considerably larger adversary.

Dr. Faisal extended his commendation to the British Pakistanis, acknowledging their pivotal role in Pakistan's ongoing progress and development. He emphasized their dedication and contributions, which continue to strengthen Pakistan's ties with the UK.

The High Commissioner expressed his gratitude to the British Pakistan Initiative for their efforts in organizing this memorable occasion, fostering stronger bonds among the diaspora.

Published on : September 07, 2023

Last Update : September 08, 2023