UK Time: 06:27

PK Time: 10:27


It is with great concern that the High Commission of Pakistan to the UK notes the recent developments in Leicester. We strongly condemn the systematic campaign of violence and intimidation that has been unleashed against the Muslims of the area. This is not the first time such Islamophobic incidents have been reported in Leicester .

The High Commission notes that the UK is a diverse and tolerant country where people hailing from all faiths and races live in harmony.

The High Commission has full confidence that the British government and law enforcement authorities will thoroughly investigate the incidents and  deal with the promoters and perpetrators of violence according to the law. It calls upon all communities to abide by the British laws and customs, and to refrain from actions that inflame religious sentiment and undermine societal harmony.

Published on : September 19, 2022

Last Update : September 19, 2022