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Independence Day Message by the Foreign Minister

My dear fellow Pakistanis
On this 14 August, it gives me great pleasure to wish you all a very happy 75th anniversary of our independence.    
On this auspicious occasion, we honour the indefatigable  and extraordinary efforts of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his companions that led to the creation  of Pakistan , our independent homeland. We also pay tribute to the immense sacrifices rendered by our forefathers in the freedom struggle.

It is also an occasion to celebrate our endeavors of the past 75 years, an occasion to celebrate our people, our progress, our youth, our art, culture, our sportsmen and women and much more.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
The journey of the past 75 years has seen ups and downs. Pakistan has battled against odds both at external as well as internal fronts. However, we have always overcome these challenges withresilience and perseverance.
It is a matter of great pride that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan has been part of this journey since the very beginning and has been diligently working since then to keep the national flag high all over the world.The Foreign Office we see today has evolved from its basic existence in Karachi in 1947 to:
-utilizing modern tools and technology to improve consular services
-make use of new communication tools to reach out foreign audiences
-use Public Diplomacy to push fresh narratives
-Build partnerships
-Strengthen bilateral relations
-Maintain a strong presence at multilateral fora
Foreign Office continues to follow the goals of foreign policy as outlined by the Quaid. Today when global battles are being fought in the realm of perceptions and narratives, Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains its position as the first line of defence for the country.
We are fully cognizant of the realities of a new world through which we have to navigate with caution and foresight. We understand that geopolitics is reorienting to accommodate new actors and emerging factors and considerations. And that is why it is imperative that Pakistan’s foreign policy respond adequately to these shifting trends.
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Pakistan stands tall today as the amalgamation of both ancient and modern. While preserving our historical identity, we are a nation with our eyes on the future, be it trade, connectivity, digitalization, socio economic development, climate change, agriculture or science and innovation.
On this 75th Independence Anniversary , we reflect on the future-to chart a way forward for continuing peace, prosperity and development of our homeland. From geography to natural resources to a vibrant people, we have all the ingredients to embrace all challenges and take forth the journey towards the next milestone with a  positive and forward looking approach.
Pakistan Zindabad!

Published on : August 14, 2022

Last Update : August 14, 2022