UK Time: 15:34

PK Time: 19:34

Holding of E-Khuli Katchehri by Pakistan High Commission London

In line with the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, it has been decided to hold E-Katchehri by the Pakistan High Commission, London on first Tuesday of every month at 2 pm to address the grievances of Pakistani community. The High Commissioner for Pakistan would preside over the Katchehri and listen to the complaints of the community for their resolution.

2. In this regard, an online registration system has been opened by the High Commission London on its website similar to the prevailing system of consular appointments prior to their temporary suspension due to the lockdown. All members of the Pakistani Community having any complaint in relation to the services offered by the High Commission would be required to register at the appointment system with the provision of details of the complaint for necessary preparation before holding the E-Katchehri.

3. The complainants may like to register their complaints by clicking on the following link:

4. Similar Katchehris would also be held in Pakistani Consulates in the UK (Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Bradford).

Published on : January 25, 2021

Last Update : January 25, 2021