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PK Time: 21:04

High Commission to conduct NADRA Surgery in High Wycombe

To ensure effective delivery of Consular Services to the community, the High Commission for Pakistan in London regularly organizes visits of the NADRA Mobile Registration Team (MRT) to the surrounding areas of London.

This month, the NADRA MRT will visit High Wycombe to provide NADRA services to the residents of this area, as per the following schedule:

High Wycombe 1 of May 2021 from 09.30 - 1400 hours The Hive 2, Arnison Avenue, HP13 6DD

The fee structure of the NADRA services is as under:

Smart NICOP Fee

Application Type  


Delivery Time

New Smart NICOP


7-8 Weeks

New Smart NICOP Urgent


4-5 Weeks

New Smart NICOP Executive


1-2 Weeks

It is again clarified that there are no extra charges other than those mentioned above.

For any queries please Email:

Published on : April 20, 2021

Last Update : April 20, 2021