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Guidelines for Humanitarian Relief Assistance for Flood Affectees

In order to streamline procedures for international flood relief assistance, it is advised that all individuals bringing relief goods or intending to setup relief camps may seek prior approval of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NDMA before their travel to Pakistan.


NDMA has conveyed that for in kind-donations, donors may be advised to observe the following modalities to facilitate disbursement of donations:


  • Sharing of Flight schedule and Flight manifest.

  • Sharing of complete Packing list with details of relief items including their weight

  • Flights carrying relief goods should land preferably at Sukker or Karachi International airports as they are close to the flood hit area.

  • Used items may not be sent as donation.

  • Boxes should be labelled, indicating type, quantity, shelf life and weight of items.

  • Label should be in English language/not in language of origin country.

  • In case of food items, individual family packs would be appreciated rather than mass packages.


Relief shipments being sent by private donors / NGOs need to be addressed to the following addressees:

Sr. No.AddresseeType of shipment/Destination port

NDMA Pakistan

Mr. Ahsen Siddique

Deputy Director (logistics) Warehouses

Cell No. 0333-4300427

Office No.051-9030969
For all shipment by air at airports other than Karachi

Mr. Ghulam Abid

Regional Goods Depot

Organization (RGDO)

NDMA Warehouse Karachi

Cell No.0313-7392837

Office No.021-32521325
All shipments arriving at Karachi whether by sea or air.

The High Commission has already shared the details of its Flood Relief Coordination Unit (FRCU) for provision of the above information.


All requests for flood relief assistance may be addressed to FRCU for further processing.

Published on : September 13, 2022

Last Update : September 13, 2022