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Christmas Dinner held at Pakistan High Commission, London

London: December 18, 2023. The traditional Christmas dinner was hosted at the Pakistan High Commission London last evening with James Shera, the ex Mayor of Rugby as the Guest of Honour. Besides prominent religious leaders and scholars from the Christian and Muslim communities, a large number of British Pakistani Christian community residing across London attended the reception.
Dr. Mohammad Faisal, the High Commissioner for Pakistan while addressing the occasion said that Christmas was a day of soul-searching, reflection, and introspection. Jesus’s message of love, compassion and sacrifice has universal resonance, he said. The High Commissioner said that there was a need for solidarity, oneness, righteousness, and compassion to animate humankind’s approach and outlook towards one another.

Dr. Mohammad Faisal appreciated the heroic role of the Christian community in the creation of Pakistan and then their subsequent contributions to its social sector development as evident in the building of educational institutions, hospitals, and health facilities throughout the country. He reiterated that safeguarding minority rights was part of Pakistan’s foundational ethos, and the Government of Pakistan was fully committed to fulfilling its responsibilities in that regard. “The Minorities are an integral part of Pakistan and we own White as much as Green in our flag”, the High Commissioner said.

Dr Mohammad Faisal said that the doors of the Pakistan High Commission were opened to all the communities of the country irrespective of their religious and ethnic associations. He said that the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, whose birthday coincides with the day of Christmas was the greatest advocate of equal rights for all citizens of Pakistan, regardless of their race, religion, and creed.

The speakers shed light on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. They emphasised on promoting interfaith harmony and dialogue among civilisations for universal brotherhood and peaceful co-existence. The speakers also appreciated the vision of the Quaid-i-Azam for an inclusive and plural Pakistan.

Several Choirs from various churches sang Christmas Carols which added to the joy and festivity of celebration. Special prayers were offered for the victims of battle in Gaza. Pastors of various Churches in London led the prayers which asked for world peace and harmony.

Published on : December 18, 2023

Last Update : December 18, 2023