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Bestway Foundation Dispatches Medicines to Pakistan

At an event organised at the Bestway Group Head Office in London and attended by the Pakistani High Commissioner His Excellency Mozam Ahmed Khan. As part of the Bestway Foundation Hum Sahara Programme; the Bestway Group CFO The Honourable Haider Choudrey on behalf of Well Pharmacy a subsidiary of the Bestway Group presented the
donation of medicines to the High Commissioner.

The High Commissioner thanked Bestway Group and, in particular, highlighted Sir Anwar Pervez and Lord Zameer Choudrey as beacons of hope for the people of Pakistan in their hour of need. He praised the Group’s efforts in galvanising the Pakistani diaspora in the UK for this worthy cause through their flagship fundraiser dinner held in London in September.

Providing details of the Bestway Foundation’s Hum Sahara Programme Mr Haider Choudrey stated that this month 8,241 ration bags comprising of dry food items; blankets; mosquito nets have been distributed in the worst affected areas of southern Pakistan provinces of Baluchistan and Sindh; with a further 11,759 ration bags being distributed in the next 4 weeks.

In addition to ration bags Mr Choudrey further elaborated that Bestway Foundation Pakistan had started distributing 20,000 water filtration units across the country. Thus, fulfilling Lord Choudrey’s commitment of provide usable and clean water for more than 100,000 individuals and providing food and medical supplies to 20,000 families made at the September fundraiser.

In respect of building homes and shelters for 5,000 families as per Mr Choudrey the process has started – the temporary shelters and tents are being distributed with building materials being ordered so that reconstruction of homes can begin in earnest in the coming weeks. To date the Bestway Group in the UK and Pakistan has raised more than US$2.5 million to aid and assist the flood ravaged people of Pakistan.

Bestway continues in its drive to raise funds for the victims of the Pakistan floods and has established dedicated bank accounts and online platform through which individuals and corporates can assist the victims of the recent floods anyone interested in donating can contact Bestway Offices in UK or Pakistan.

Published on : November 18, 2022

Last Update : November 18, 2022