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High Commission To Help Community In Property Disputes

In order to follow up on the complaints of the community regarding property disputes back in Pakistan, the High Commissioner for Pakistan to the UK, H.E. Moazzam Ahmed Khan has appointed a dedicated officer Mr. Dildar Ali Abro, who will deal property relate cases at the High Commission.The community members are advised to send their complaints with all supporting documents to the following address:Email: propertycomplaints@phclondon.orgThe cases will be followed up with the concerned authorities in Pakistan

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Government Introduces “Pass Track App” To Curb Spread Of Covid-19

In order to curb the spread of COVID-19, streamline data submission and tracking of passengers travelling to Pakistan, the Government of Pakistan has introduced a new measure whereby it will be mandatory for all passengers to submit their requisite information/data through Pass Track App. Effective from May 1, 2021, this will be a mandatory requirement and no exception in this regard shall be allowed.Furthermore, it is prime responsibility of the airline operators to ensure that all passengers travelling to Pakistan have submitted complete information through the Pass Track App prior to commencement of travel to Pakistan. Any or all cases of non-compliance will be dealt with strictly in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.Additionally, the requirement of submission of Health Declaration Form will cease from Monday 1, 2021 upon coming into effect of the mandatory requirement of submission of information/data through Pass Track App. The App is available for download from Google Play and Apple App store on the links below:For Android: IOS:

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Simplification Of Procedure For Issuance Of The Letters Of Administration / Succession Certificates

London:  Upon death of any family member, legal heirs languish in courts for years before they are able to obtain Letters of Administration (for immovable properties) and Succession Certificates (for movable properties). Now without going to the Courts, the legal heirs can obtain Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates, as the case may be, through a quick five stage process facilitated by Succession Facilitation Unites operated by the National Database Registration Authority. Presently, one Facilitation Unit is operative in Islamabad dealing with properties/assets in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) only. Shortly, NADRA will establish may more Succession Facilitation Units in other cities of Pakistan.The Applicants have to submit a simple application form after which NADRA will issue public notice in leading local newspapers and on its website. Where no objections are received within fourteen days, the legal heirs whether in Pakistan or abroad (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford, Jeddah, Riyadh, Medina, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha), can visit their local NADRA office in Pakistan or the Pakistan Missions abroad, as the case may be, in the above mentioned cities and conduct bio-metric verification. Once verification of the legal heirs is complete through bio-metrics, Succession Certificate or Letter of Administration will be issued in Applicant's favour. Apart from the above-mentioned cities, the Government at the earliest is creating bio-metric verification centres in many other cities of the world.Procedure for applying the Letters of Administration/Succession Certificates is as follows:Step: 1Application Initiation: The applicant will provide his/her National Identity number, deceased person's death certificate and National Identity number along with the application, the applicant shall submit letter of authorization from all the legal heirs to file application on their behalf.Step: 2Legal Heirs and Assets Details: The applicant will provide the relevant details of legal heirs, and information pertaining to the moveable and immovable assets of the deceased.Step: 3Verification and Consent of Legal Heirs: All legal heirs mentioned by the applicant will visit NADRA's Registration Centre for bio-metric verification and details provided by applicant will be verified.Step: 4Advertisement in Newspaper: NADRA will publish the notice to the public at large for ascertaining if there are any objections on the particular applications.Step: 5Printing and Delivery of Certificate: If there are no objections after 14 days of publication of the notice, the Succession Certificate/Letter of Administration will be printed and given to the applicant.Further details are available at: there is no need to go to the Courts!!

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Intl SOP Country List Travel Guidelines March 22, 2021

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Discontinuation Of Issuance Of Manual Visas By Pakistan Missions Abroad

London:  The Government of Pakistan decided to stop manual processing of visa cases from 1st January 2021. Therefore, all visa applications are required to be processed through online visa portal only at the following web High of Commission of Pakistan, London and Consulates General of Pakistan in Birmingham, Bradford, Glasgow and Manchester will not entertain any manual visa application from 1st February 2021.

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High Commission For Pakistan In London Has Started A Daily Appointment System For Consular Services.

London:  In order to facilitate Pakistani Community for Consular Services, High Commission for Pakistan in London has started a daily appointment system for Consular Services.The appointments for Consular Services (Passport, NADRA and attestation) can now be requested online from Monday 5th October 1200 hrs - 2400 hrs on a daily basis. The Passport and NADRA renewal facility for online applicants through the websites would remain available.All applicants are encouraged to follow the UK Government's guidelines about COVID-19 i.e. maintaining social distancing and wearing of face mask.

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“NADRA Information Centres” Are Unauthorised Entities

London:  It has come to the notice of the Pakistan High Commission, London that some self-styled “NADRA Information Centres” are operating in various parts of the UK.The High Commission clarifies that these “NADRA Information Centres” are unauthorised entities, not sanctioned by the High Commission or any of its Consulates General offices.Since such Bureaus have no official authorisation to operate, the High Commission and its Consulates will not be responsible for incorrect and out of date information that is provided by such centres. It may be noted that on a number of occasions, applicants have faced difficulties in NICOP processing due to fudging in their applications which have at times resulted in their NADRA cards being delayed and in some cases, blocked.Furthermore, applicants are advised to avoid sharing personal data at such centres as they risk providing their sensitive information which can possibly be used in the future for fraudulent activities.The purported “NADRA Information Centres” are also warned that any use of the official logo or name of the Government of Pakistan is illegal and liable to prosecution.It is further informed that authorised NADRA Surgeries are conducted only by the High Commission in London and its Consulates across the UK to facilitate the community in different parts of the UK. The fee structure for NICOPs are as follows:FeeNormal Execuitve   £44  £72For NADRA cards issued during the surgeries, an additional £10 is charged along with the rates mentioned above.For any information/query related to the issuance of NADRA cards, please visit our official website or send us your query online. Alternatively, you may wish to speak to one of our representatives on 02076649200 between 1000 hrs to 1700 hrs from Monday to Friday.The Pakistani community members, in their own interest, are advised to exercise caution in this regard as NADRA cards are a sensitive document. The High Commission will bear no responsibility for any problems that may occur a result of such activities.

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Awareness On PTA Device Identification Registration

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Establishment Of PM-CJ Fund For Diamer Basha And Mohmand Dam

London:  The Prime Minister has been pleased to call for the public donations for PM-CJ Fund for Diamer Basha And Mohmand Dam. The fund details are as under:-Title of AccountAccount No IBANBank NameSUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN03-593-299999-001-4PK06SBPP0035932999990014State Bank of PakistanThe members of the Pakistani Community, who wish to contribute towards the Fund, may deposit their donations in the above established account.

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Pakistan High Commission London Opens Account For “Diamer Bhasha & Mohmand Dam Fund 2018”

London:  In compliance with the order of the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, the High Commission for Pakistan, London has opened an account, namely, “Diamer Bhasha & Mohmand Dam Fund 2018”, for the receipt of donations from the Pakistani community for the said Fund.The details of the account are as under:-:Title of AccountAccount No Sort CodeBank NameDiamer Bhasha & Mohmand Dam Fund 201801953901     60-91-70United Bank LimitedC/O Pakistan High Commission 34-36 Lowndes Square London SW1X 9JN.The members of the Pakistani community who wish to contribute towards the Fund, may deposit their donations in the established account.

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