All POC applicants are advised to apply POC on line at as manual booking of POC has been stopped. NADRA office will not be able to serve the walk-in applicants of POC.

Pakistan Origin Card or POC is to facilitate the former Pakistani citizens who currently do not hold Pakistani nationality but have ever remained a Pakistani citizen in their lifetime. POC holders enjoy visa free entry into Pakistan; can buy property in Pakistan.

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Benefits for POC Holders

  • Visa-free entry to Pakistan
  • Indefinite stay in Pakistan
  • Exemption from foreigner registration requirements
  • Permission to purchase and sell property
  • Right to open and operate bank accounts
  • Substitute for the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) where proof of identity is required.
  • Seven years card validity (except foreign spouse)

You can apply for POC if you are a Pakistan origin immigrant or foreigner with annulled nationality. Your family members can also apply for POC. Under the rules, following Pakistan Origin persons can apply for POC, namely:

  1. Former Pakistani Citizens: Any person who does not currently hold Pakistani citizenship but has ever remained a Pakistani citizen in his/her lifetime.
  2. Foreigners with links to Pakistan: A person who has never been a Pakistani citizen but any of whose parents or grandparents is/was a citizen of Pakistan at any time during his/her lifetime, provided that at least one of his/her living relatives is presently a Pakistani citizen.
  3. Any person who has never been a Pakistani citizen but who either himself, or any of his / her parents or grandparents
    1. was born in the territories included in the Indo-Pak sub-continent;
    2. was domiciled in the territories now included in Pakistan; and who acquired the citizenship or nationality of a foreign state or country before the commencement of the Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951 (II of 1951) i.e. 13th April 1951. Such person shall have to present proof that at least one of his living relatives is presently a Pakistani citizen.

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Pakistani citizens who are holding dual nationality or are only on work or residence permit in a country outside Pakistan, are not eligible for Pakistan Origin Card (POC) but are eligible for National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP).