NADRA - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for a NICOP application ?

NICOP fee depends on the type of your application (New Card, Renewal, Fast Track etc.). Click the following link to view the NADRA Cards’ Fee.

NADRA Cards’ Fee

What is the difference between Regular and Fast Track NICOP application ?

Fast track application offers quicker delivery of your NICOP as it is processed on priority. This option is suitable for the applicants who want to get their NICOP in earliest possible time. The fee for this service is higher than the normal processing fee. Click the following link to view the NADRA Cards’ fee and processing times.

NADRA Cards’ Fee

Do I need a valid UK visa for a NICOP application ?

UK Visa is not required for a NICOP application

Do I need to collect my NICOP OR it will be sent to me ?

Your NICOP will be sent to your home address directly from Pakistan; you will get a text message when your card will be despatched from Pakistan

Do I have to visit NADRA office in person for NICOP/POC application ?

All NICOP applicants, even a day old baby must have to come to NADRA office in person to apply for NICOP as photo and finger prints are captured during the application processing. This condition is however relaxed for POC applicants. Anybody can submit completed POC form along with required documents on their behalf.

What are the mode(s) of fee payment ?

Both Cash and Bank Cards are accepted for fee payments. It is better to bring cash as sometimes Debit/Credit Cards processing is not possible due to connectivity problems.

Who can attest my NICOP form ?

Any NICOP holder who is not your direct family relative can attest your form.

Do I need to fill any form or bring photos with me ?

Applicants do not need to bring any photos or fill any form for NICOP application. NADRA staff will take your photo and fill the form on their system during application processing

Is disabled access available in High Commission’s premises ?

Yes, disabled access is available in High Commission’s building number 34 where NADRA applications are processed

What is the validity of a NICOP ?

NICOP is issued with seven (7) years validity irrespective of age of applicant

I want to apply for my child’s card, do I need any update in my record ?

NADRA holders are advised to get their martial status updated on their cards as soon as possible. The marital status on at least one of the parents’ ID Card must have been updated to "married" for child’s application process. NADRA system will not allow the child’s application processing if both parents’ status is mentioned as single/unmarried.