London:  We, representing a coalition of 20 Asean Ngos, express our strong objection to the recent decision by Labour party of the UK under its new leader Keir Starmer to turn around its position on the issue of Kashmir.

We regret the decision and opined that the Kashmiris have the right to self determination under the international resolution of the UN.

This is an out right betrayal of the Kashmiris's struggle which has for so long been voicing out that this is not only a bilateral conflict between India and Pakistan . Its is an international dispute within the jurisdiction of the international law under the ambit of the UN.

It is a dispute that should be referred back to the 1949 UN Resolution for a plebiscite which the Indian government has ignored .

The new Labour leader seems to abrogate the historical stand of the party on supporting the struggle of the oppressed Kashmiris.

This reflects the change of Labour position that has being vocal in protecting the human rights of the occupied Jammu Kashmir.

We condemn this change and called the UK goverment to shoulder the plight of the Kashmiris since British was also involved in the crisis since 1947.

The Labour leader is now subdued by the extremist ideology of the Indian occupying forces in Kashmir which since 5 th August 2019 which has revoked the special status of Kashmir by abrogating Article 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution.

Recently India has extended another colonizing rule , the Jammu Kashmir Reorganization Order 2020 which in essence is to alter the demography of Kashmir in favour of non Kashmiris.

We strongly reject Labour party's position which have caved in to the lobby by the Hindutva group supporting India's BJP policy on annexing Kashmir.

We voice our condemnation on the human rights abuses on the Muslim residents in Jammu Kashmir by the Indian occupation forces.

We call on all the Asean member of parliaments to register their concern and to convey a strong message to the Labour party leadership of the UK, not to submit to the Indian nationalist extremist RSS agenda of changing the demographic population of Kashmir.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid


Asean Coalition for Kashmir

May 01, 2020

Last updated: May 02, 2020

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