Tribute paid to literary and diplomatic services of Patras Bokhari

London:  Rich tributes were paid to Professor Syed Ahmed Shah Bokhari, commonly known as Patras Bokhari, at an event organized by The Pakistan Society in collaboration with Urdu Markaz London, at the High Commission on 17 August 2018.

Sahebzada Ahmed Khan, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, Peter Gourd, Advocate Khalilur Raham and Dr Javaid Sheikh, Chairman Urdu Markaz spoke on the occasion.

The speakers dwelt upon various aspects of Patras Bokhari's life such as a legendary Urdu writer, great humourist, educationist and broadcaster as well as a distinguished diplomat and Pakistan’s first Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Advocate Khalilur Raham highlighted the literary merits of his book “Patras Kay Mazameen” which comprises humorous essays in Urdu. He read out several excerpts from the essays to the delight of the audience and, as a literary critic, shared his unique perspectives on Patras Bokhari's humour. He said Patras was well versed in Western literature and contemporary literary movements which he adequately benefited from in his writings. Although Patras wrote only a few essays, he enriched Urdu language with the finest quality humour, added Mr Rahman.

Peter Gourd shed light on Patras Bokhari's career as a diplomat, educationist, broadcaster and a global citizen. Peter Gourd is the husband of Patras Bokhari's niece, Ms Masooma, and due to this close connection he was able to bring to the fore many interesting aspects of the life of the legendary figure. He spoke about the role of Patras Bokhari in revival of United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF). Peter also highlighted the diplomatic efforts of Patras Bokhari towards freedom of Tunisia and Morroco from colonial rulers. He ran some rare videos and audios to illustrate Patras' life and work.

Speaking on the occasion, the High Commissioner commended the contribution and valuable services of Patras Bokhari as an unparalleled diplomat who represented Pakistan at the UN with great distinction. He said Patras would be long remembered in the annals of history for his distinguished diplomatic skills and acumen as well as supporting the just causes at the UN with matchless oratory and convincing arguments.

Dr Javaid Sheikh moderated the event.

Professor Syed Ahmed Shah Bokhari (1898-1958) was born in Peshawar into a Kashmiri family. He became a Professor at Government College, Lahore, and later, its Principal. The Urdu poets Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Noon Meem Rashid, were among his students. He also served as Director General of All India Radio. Patras was Pakistan's first Permanent Representative to the United Nations, where he served from 1951-54.

August 18, 2018

Last updated: August 19, 2018

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