International wrestlers to visit Pakistan

High Commissioner commends wrestlers for promoting positive image of Pakistan

London:  As many as 25 wrestlers from all over the world including USA, UK, Germany, France and Belgium will visit Pakistan in August 2018. Several wrestling contests will be held in different cities of Pakistan to promote the sport as well as the image of Pakistan as a sport loving country. The trip is being organized by a wrestling company called 'Ring of Pakistan'.

Some of the wrestlers, from the group of 25, visited the High Commission today and shared the plan of their upcoming trip to Pakistan. They were led by Imran Shah, Director, Ring of Pakistan.

Welcoming the wrestlers, H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, the High Commissioner commended their efforts to promote the image of Pakistan through one of the most popular sports of the country, i.e. wrestling. He expressed that with the advent of international wrestling to Pakistan, the traditional sport will revive and thrive in the country and it will provide a healthy activity for the youth of Pakistan.

The High Commissioner further said that the people of Pakistan look forward to welcoming the wrestling celebrities to their country. He also assured the organizers of all possible support for the event.

The wrestlers were accompanied by Imran Hussain MP, Dr Ejaz Hussain and others. Imran Hussain MP said that the wrestling trip would show to the world that Pakistan is fully capable of hosting international sports events. He expressed his full support to the organizers.

June 11, 2018

Last updated: June ,12 2018

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