High Commissioner attends Installation Ceremony of the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester

Extends felicitations on behalf of the government and people of Pakistan

London:  H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK attended the installation ceremony of the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester - Dr. Robina Shah today. The ceremony took place in the Whitworth Hall of the University of Manchester.

In his note of thanks on the occasion, the High Commissioner said:

“It is an honour and privilege to witness the installation ceremony of the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester - Dr. Robina Shah. On behalf of the Government and the people of Pakistan, I extend our heartiest felicitations and best wishes to the new High Sheriff - first-ever female Muslim to hold this august Office. Indeed, it is a singular honour that Her Majesty, has chosen Dr. Shah, a British Pakistani for this exalted position. The British - Pakistani diaspora and people of Pakistan are truly honoured and delighted on this appointment.”

He added:

“People like Dr Shah are the role models and true Ambassadors of the cultural ethos which they represent and are quite an inspiration for the young people. I am confident that she would continue to make us proud in future as well.”

On this occasion Dr Shah said:

“I am truly honoured and humbled to be appointed by Her Majesty the Queen to take the role of High Sheriff.

“It is a huge privilege to be the custodian of this historic public service role and I promise to serve the people of Greater Manchester with dignity, humility and sincerity throughout my year of office.”

David Cam, Under Sheriff of Greater Manchester, who oversaw the ceremony, said:

“Since Greater Manchester was established as a bailiwick - the traditional title for jurisdiction, district or County - a thousand years ago, the High Sheriffs have come from many different professions, trades and ethnic and religious backgrounds.

“Dr Shah's Instalment is an important continuation of this tradition, as the region's first Muslim woman.

“I am sure she will make a brilliant contribution to the role and am looking forward to her tenure. I have no doubt that when the High Sheriff steps down at this time next year, her impact will have been felt widely.Rd

Dr. Shah - A Chartered Consultant Psychologist has extensive public service record which spans over 25 years. She is a senior Lecturer and Director of the Double-day Centre for Patient Experience in the Division of Medical Education at the University of Manchester. She is a Founder Governor, a member of the University's General Assembly.

Like many other British Pakistanis, Dr. Shah is acknowledged today for her valuable contribution to the multicultural mosaic of the British society.

April 12, 2018

Last updated: April 12, 2018

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