Vehicle Import Rules

This section provides basic information for the benefit and use of taxpayers importing vehicle in to Pakistan and understand their rights and obligations.

Issuance of Gift Scheme Certificate

  • Importable only by Pakistani national as defined in the Import Policy Order i.e., citizen of Pakistan residing abroad and includes a person having dual nationality, and a foreign national of Indo-Pakistan origin holding Pakistani origin card”. The said distinction of 'citizen' does not cover minors i.e under eighteen years of age.
  • The vehicle can be imported once in two years (700 days calculated from the date on which Goods Declaration was filed for the last import under the Import Policy Order).

    Applicable Terms and Conditions

  • Cars not more than three years old (since year of manufacturing) and other Vehicles not more than five years old (since year of manufacturing).
  • A minimum of 700 days stay out-side Pakistan during the past three years
  • A family member normally resident in Pakistan. “Family” means parents, sister, brother, husband, wife, and children whether married or not, but excluding children under eighteen years of age.

    Documents Requirement

  • Copy of Valid Pakistani Passport/NICOP.
  • Copy of British Passport/Visa/ BRP (Please bring Original Document)
  • Proof of Income (Recent Bank Statement/ Payslip)
  • Copy of Bill of Lading
  • Copy of Vehicle invoice
  • CNIC of Receiver



    For more information on Pakistan Customs, please visit Federal Board of Revenue’s website



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