Following section contains the contact details of Consular Services and other departments in the High Commission. The public dealing telephone lines remain very busy due to huge volume of incoming queries so please use the email for contacting us whenever possible. It is usually quick to use email and it will help us to answer your query more efficiently.

Consular Services applicants are advised to contact their query related department only as other departments do not have access to the information related to Consular matters.

Main Exchange

020 7664 9200

Reception & Chancery

For Reception & Officers of Chancery 020 7664 9276

Emergency Numbers

Number for Emergency Visas Over Weekend 07733 220 871
For Visa enquires please contact us at:


Consular Services

Machine Readable Passport (MRP)
Mr Taj Wali Khan Assistant Director 020 7664 9274
Mr Hassan Raza Khan Technical Manager 020 7664 9274
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Mr. Tariq Mahmood Consular Attache 020 7664 9275
Mr. M Awais Consular Assistant 020 7664 9275
Fax:   020 7664 9228
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NADRA (Identity Cards)
Click following link to view all NADRA offices’ contacts:
NADRA Offices in the UK
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Attestation of Documents and Legalisation
Mr Abdul Wajid Official 020 7664 9255
Go to Attestation of Documents and Legalisation Section
Travel Document and Settlement Issues
Salma Mumtaz Official 020 7664 9271
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Community Welfare
Grievance Commissioner Cell for Overseas Pakistanis
H.Ahsaan A Khokhar Senior Advisor Law 0092-51-9217243
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Diplomatic Wing

H.E. Moazzam Ahmad Khan High Commissioner 020 7664 9227
Click here to view the Curriculum Vitae of H.E Moazzam Ahmad Khan
Mr Faisal Aziz Ahmed Deputy High Commissioner 020 7664 9233
Mr Hasan Ali Zaigham Counsellor / HOC 020 7664 9243
Mr Muhammad Aneel Zafar Counsellor (CA) 020 7664 9293
Ms Rabia Kasuri Counsellor Political 020 7664 9208
Mr Dildar Ali Abro First Secretary Political 020 7664 9208


Defence and Navy

Cdre Jamal Alam S.Bt TI(M) Defence and Naval Adviser 020 7664 9258
Col. Rana M Asif Khan Army & Air Adviser 020 7664 9219
Col. Muhammad Waqas PATLO 020 7664 9256
Capt. Abid Rafique Attaché Defence Procurement 020 7664 9220
Mr Azhar Ali Khan Technical Attaché 020 7664 9222
Mr Rehmat Ullah Khan ACMA / First Secretary 020 7664 9202


Audit and Accounts

Dr. Muhammad Luqman Masood Director Audit & Accounts 020 7664 9247


Economic & Commercial Wing

Mr. Shafiq A. Shahzad Trade & Investment Minister 020 7664 9215


Media Wing

Mr Muneer Ahmad Press Attaché 020 7664 9253


Opening Hours during


Application Processing
(Appointment only)

Monday to Thursday
1030 to 1245 hrs.

1400 to 1530 hrs.

1030 to 1230 hrs.

1400 to 1530 hrs.

Consular Services MRP

Submission of Passport applications
Monday to Friday
1030 to 1330 hrs.

Delivery of Passports
Monday to Friday
1400 to 1500 hrs.

Consular Services Attestation

Submission of documents for attestation
Monday to Thursday
1030 to 1245 hrs.

1400 to 1515 hrs.

1030 to 1230 hrs.

1400 to 1515 hrs.

Delivery of Attested documents
Monday to Friday
1430 to 1530 hrs.