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Requirements for Renunciation of Pakistani Nationality


Applicant needs to provide following documents for Renunciation of Pakistani Nationality application processing:

  1. Form X & Particulars (One Pager), typed in (not hand-written). Application Form
  2. Application addressed to the Pakistan High Commission stating reasons for Renunciation of Pakistani Citizenship.
  3. Copies (along with original) of Naturalization Certificate/Foreign Passport.
  4. Original (along with copies) of Pakistani Passports (particulars/photo/MRP page and applicant's CNIC/NICOP (both sides), all on one page (01 copy).
  5. Seven (7) Photographs 112 size with sky blue background.
  6. Copies along with Original of NICOP/Birth Certificate/Pakistan Passport and Foreign Passport of minor children of the male applicant only, residing abroad, where applicable (01 copy).
  7. Copies of Nikah Nama/divorce papers, of female applicants, provided passport/NICOP is not modified with husband/father’s name respectively (01 copy).
  8. In case the applicant is not in possession of Pakistani Passport he/she may make a declaration on oath duly attested by the High commission mentioning therein the name/number, date and place of issue thereof.
  9. Application must be submitted in person.
  10. Any other relevant/supporting document that the applicant wish to add along with the above.


Opening Hours


Application Processing
(Appointment only)

Monday to Thursday
1000 to 1200 hrs. &
1400 to 1600 hrs.
1000 to 1200 hrs. &
1430 to 1600 hrs.

Consular Services

Submission of Passport applications
(Appointment only)
and documents for attestation
Monday to Thursday
1000 to 1230 hrs.
1000 to 1200 hrs.

Delivery of Passports
Monday to Friday
1400 to 1500 hrs.

Submission and Collection of Attested documents
Monday to Thursday
1000 to 1300 hrs.
and Friday
1000 to 1200 hrs.

Note: Appointment only