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Procedure for Attestation / Legalisation of Documents


Applicants planning to visit Attestation Office in London need to book an appointment prior to their visit for Attestation / Legalisation of the documents.
  1. Visit the High Commission during Consular Services opening hours. You might like to check Contact Us section for information on planning your journey and public holidays
  2. On your arrival get a token for Attestation / Legalisation of documents from token machine and wait for your turn in the waiting area
  3. When your token number is displayed on the screen go to the counter. The serving official will examine your documents and once satisfied, he/she will issue you a Challan receipt for payment of the required fee
  4. Pay the fee at bank counter and go back to the first counter to submit your documents with the fee payment receipt
  5. The serving official will receive your documents and will issue you a receipt with collection time for your attested documents (usually same day)
  6. Present your receipt at the counter during the collection time and collect your attested documents
  7. Carefully check your documents before leaving the counter


Opening Hours


Application Processing
(Appointment only)

Monday to Thursday
1000 to 1200 hrs. &
1400 to 1600 hrs.
1000 to 1200 hrs. &
1430 to 1600 hrs.

Consular Services

Submission of Passport applications
(Appointment only)
and documents for attestation
Monday to Thursday
1000 to 1230 hrs.
1000 to 1200 hrs.

Delivery of Passports
Monday to Friday
1400 to 1500 hrs.

Submission and Collection of Attested documents
Monday to Thursday
1000 to 1300 hrs.
and Friday
1000 to 1200 hrs.

Note: Appointment only