Punjab is Pakistan’s second largest province, after Balochistan, and the most densely populated. The name Punjab means “five waters,” or “five rivers,” and signifies the land drained by the Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, and Sutlej rivers, which are tributaries of the Indus River. The provincial capital, Lahore, is located in the east-central region, near the border with India.

The famous places to visist in Punjab are Murree, Cholistan Desert, Uch Sharif, Multan, Harappa, Pakpattan, Lahore, Fort Munro, Panjnad, Salt Range, Rohtas Fort, Taxila, Lal Suhanra National Park, Lahore Fort, Rohtas Fort, Derawar Fort, Khewra Salt Mines, Hiran Minar, Shalimar Garden, Rukn-e-Alam.

Shahi Qila - Lahore Fort

Shahi Qila is situated in front of Badshahi Mosque. It is a huge forte bounding a lot of beauty. A great ancient work of architecture. Without Visiting Lahrore Forte your visit to Lahore is incomplete. History of Lahoe Forte is very old. Originally It was built some 1000 years ago. But current Lohore Forte was built by Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1566 AD. Then his son Jehangir added his Palace. Jahangir's son, Shahjahan, built Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace). You can see several Royal palaces, gardens, fountains, Baths, Retiring rooms of Mughal period. There is a museum inside the forte. It is also worth visiting place.

Badshahi Masjid - The Royal Mosque

Great Badshahi Mosque (Royal Mosque) was built in 1673 by the great Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir who ruled india from 1658 to 1707 AD. This mosque is built with Red Stone. Construction is very unique Eastern type. It remained the largest Mosques in the world for more than 300 years (Since its construction in 1673 till 1986) when Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan became largest mosque. Now it is Second Largest Mosque in Pakistan & 5th Largest in the world. It can accommodate 100,000 worshipers at a time. It is situated near Minar-e-Pakistan and in fornt of Shahi Qila (Royal Forte).Its design is a mixture of Islamic, Indian, Persian & Central Asia design. It resembles with Jama Masjid Dehli (India), which was built by Emperor Shah Jahan (Aurngzeb Alamgir's Father). Badshahi Mosque is larger than Jama Masjid Dehli. One should must see this beautiful Mosque. It contains a lot of interest for Architecture students.

There is a small museum inside the main Entrance, on first floor of Eastern Corridor, established by Government of Pakistan. It contains relics of Prophet Muhammad SAW, his Son in Law Hazrat Ali RA & daughter Hazrat Farima RA.

Lahore Museum

The Lahore Museum, situated on the Mall, was established in 1895, and was for a while curated by Rudyard Kipling's father. The museum contains a fine selection of paintings and weapons, and is particularly well known for its collection of artefacts from the Gandharan civilisation. Probably the most famous exhibit is the spectacular ’Fasting Buddha‘.

Minar-e-Pakistan - The Independence Monument

This monument was build in the memory of Pakistan Resolution, passed by All India Muslim League in its annual meeting on 23rd March 1940. In this resolution they dmanded a seperate home land from England Goverment (who was ruling India that time). This is a beautiful architectural tower.

It is the trade mark of Lahore. Its foundation stone was laid on 23rd March 1960 & was completed in 1968. Its structure is a mixture of modern & mughal architecture designed by a Turkish architect, Murat Khan. Surrounding park is called Iqbal Park.

Hiran Minar

Mughal Emperor enjoyed hunting in the area around Shiekhupura, where in 1616, he built himself a hunting pavillion in the centre of an artificial lake and a tower, the Hiran Minar, in memory of his pet deer. Three years later he built a massive brick fort in Shiekhupura, which still stands today(about 19 miles from Lahore).

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