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Issuance of Manual Passports


With the issuance of Machine Readable Passports (MRP) from High Commission for Pakistan, London and Consulate of Pakistan in Bradford, issuance of Manual Passports as well as endorsement of children on these passports has been discontinued.


Manual Passports already issued for limited/restricted validity are also not being revalidated/extended. Holders of such passports issued by this Mission are advised to contact MRP office in the London High Commission or Consulate of Pakistan in Bradford to get new MRPs, subject to the condition that all formalities called for in the issuance of MRP are fulfilled.


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Note: The Consulates of Pakistan in Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester are issuing Manual Passports for limited period of time to applicants not having Machine Readable Passports (MRPs). Click the following link for more information and links to download forms for application for Manual Passport at these Consulates. Please note that this information is only provided for the applicants applying for Manual Passport at Consulates (as issuance of Manual Passports is discontinued at High Commission for Pakistan, London and Consulate of Pakistan in Bradford). Please check with your nearby Consulate for more information.


Manual Passports information and forms

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