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National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)


Applying Manually


Important: Manual applications are only being processed at NADRA office in Glasgow.


Following chart explains the process of applying for NICOP manually. See the proceeding section for details on How to Download From(s) and get information on NICOP Application Types and Required Documents, Submission of Forms and Processing Time & Delivery






NICOP Application Types and Required Documents


Click the following link to view the information about different types of NICOP applications and relevant Required Documents. It is very important to choose the correct application type before submitting the application. NICOP applications submitted in wrong category may result in rejection and loss of fee.


NICOP Application Types and Documents Required for Application




Download Forms


Click here to download the NICOP application form


Instructions on filling the form are included with it. Please fill the form carefully following these instructions. Incomplete forms will not be accepted and may cause delay in processing of your application.


Also attach all required documents with your form for smooth processing of your application.



Note: Applicants are advised to provide a landline or mobile contact number so that NADRA staff can contact them in case of any problem with their application. Unavailability of a valid contact number may cause indefinite delay in processing application.




Submitting Forms (By Hand or By Post)


Important: Please DO NOT send your original documents BY POST with your application as we don’t need any original documents to process your application. High Commission or Pakistan Consulates will not be responsible for loss of any original document sent via post. Also note that Manual applications are only being processed at NADRA office in Glasgow.


You may submit your manual application along with required documents “By Hand” or “By Post” at NADRA office in Glasgow.


Click here to view the contacts details of NADRA offices in the UK




Processing Time and Delivery of your manual form based application (NICOP / POC)


Approximate processing time of a NICOP / POC application is three (3) months for manual applications. 


You will receive your NICOP/POC by post (recorded delivery or by DHL) at your UK address, mentioned in the NICOP/POC application form.


You can track the status of your NICOP/POC application on NADRA’s website www.nadra.gov.pk using the tracking number (printed on top right corner of your bank receipt).


You can also call NADRA Call Centre Islamabad directly at +92 51 111 786 100 to check the status of your application.


Delivery of your card can be delayed due to incomplete/invalid information, missing documents or verification problems. If you do not receive your card within three (3) months you can contact your respective NADRA office through Phone or Fax. Please provide the tracking number of your application for inquiries. 




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